Write SEO Optimized Content in WordPress


Acquiring high search engine rank for your content requires a lot of work. So here we will learn how to write SEO optimized content in WordPress. Even though we are very well aware of the SEO benefits; at its time becomes hard working to concentrate on both, SEO strategy and building high quality web content.

WordPress has completely changed the way blog writers and companies develop websites, post content, and develop a cohesive online presence. Because this system makes it so much faster, simpler, and less expensive to put up a website, there are a much more, blogs and websites for you to be competitive with these days. So it’s vital for you to optimize your website as much as possible, so you can improve conversion rates and boost traffic.

Make sure your WordPress has complete and effective SEO options

Following are the two best plugin for WordPress:

SEO Ultimate – This plugin enables you to see all the meta data of your complete website in one page. This would make it easy to update several pages and prevent duplicate meta content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin shows you if keywords are not found or found many times in the Title, URL, H1 Tags, content, and Meta Description. It will help you create well-optimized content that search engines like.

One of the most effective ways to obtain more traffic for your earlier post is making them all major search engine friendly. If you are doing work with WordPress, then there are many best ways of making your website/blog search engine friendly.

Here I am sharing with you some of the best ways to Write SEO optimized content in WordPress. It will help you to find a much better ranking and your web content will rank superior in all major Search Engine. The first important thing to keep in your mind that we working on content for our web page or web post is that for people not for all major search engines. If you have to choose among technique that is good for your content readers but not so good for all major search engines, then choose one which is good for your content readers. All main search engines’ goal is to provide content that is helpful and beneficial for their visitor too and a web page or web post that is too optimized is no fun to read.

Tips to be considered for Write SEO optimized content in WordPress

1) Write an appropriate content:

All significant search engines have several ways of recognizing irrelevant content when a web page or web post is not really about what it might seem to be about. If you are playing with your web content and try to make fool to search engines than it is very Tuff now a day. So it will ultimately be found and you will reduce your web rank or even be banned. Write your web content that is relevant to your topic would be much better.

2) Write a conclusion at the beginning: 

Second way to think of this that you want your keywords to be heavy towards the top your web content. Don’t use any synonym word for your keyword phrase until the second or third paragraph. Write main findings of post in short at the beginning of the post.

3) Outline your content:

Each and every content should be good writing and more informative. If it is possible, it should provide a new thinking on a specific topic, presents a good connection in the beginning so visitor keep on reading and include information that is some way most essential to your web content readers. This can indicate your content that is very useful and valuable.

4) Include hyperlink:

Hyperlinks are links to a different web page or web post that is related to your web page content or web post content. Make sure each link is given on a quality blog or website that provides sound information and easy navigation.

5) Length of content:

The number of content words is of your choice. There is no rule but it will be safe if you are writing more than 400 to500 content words. Because with less than 400 to 500 content words, It is hard to explain your idea, and your readers may be confused about what you write.

6) On-page SEO content writing:

Here is given some basic On-page SEO content writing check list which is very essential for SEO point of view.

  1. Keyword in title
  2. The keyword should be in density as per content
  3. The keyword should be in the first paragraph and also in the last paragraph.
  4. The keyword should be in bold, italic, or underlined.
  5. Content has at least one internal link as well as external links.