Display Advertising

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a creative pull strategy to get the audience to take a particular action on your landing page. It uses videos, banner ads, or other forms of appealing, eye-catching advertising content to successfully convince the target audience to click through to the landing page and hit the buy button. 

This modern approach towards marketing and audience engagement can serve several other purposes, making it an attractive option for marketers in these competitive times. 

With that in mind, let’s explore why it may be a good idea for you to invest in a display ad campaign. 

How Can Display Advertising Help Your Business?

Display ad campaigns are usually run through advertising networks like Facebook Advertising and Google Ads. You can leverage the power of these platforms to target the right kind of audiences for your business and use advertising formats that are bound to appeal to them.

Listed below are a few ways it may help your business:

Create Visual Appeal For Your Products

Display ads bring you a vast space to reflect creativity. You could use animations, colors, unique text, images, or any other form of compelling content that fits your brand personality. However, the emphasis should be on drawing the viewer’s attention. 

The better you do at producing content, the higher the click-through rate you could generate. 

Enhance Brand Awareness

Research shows that digital display advertising can boost your brand awareness by 21%. Unlike the above-the-line methods, display advertising can reach many people as it sustains no bounds. Therefore, whatever locality your target audience is in, display advertising can reach them quickly. 

If you’re shopping online, the Google Display Network will potentially show you ads of complementary and supplementary products. In addition, the imagery and visuals they offer will undoubtedly create space in your mind in the form of awareness of those brands.

Take Advantage Of Remarketing Opportunities

You must’ve seen products that you’ve previously checked out on websites appearing on your social media newsfeed frequently. This is because the website is tracking you. It shows you the same product again to come again and take a step further this time: making a purchase. 

Retargeting can be in different forms, such as lookalike, cross-selling and upselling. All these methods bring significant traffic to landing pages and are pretty effective in uplifting conversion rates. 

Track Progress Of Your Ad Campaign 

The essence lies in knowing how effective your campaigns have been to help you design your next strategy even better. The Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising generate reports on how valuable the clicks have been. 

The view-through windows are constantly monitoring who clicks on your ads and at what time. This information is beneficial as you do not have to guess about the performance of your ads. This way, you can correctly interpret what can help you succeed and which strategy might not be your best bet. 

In Conclusion

Brand salience and awareness can lead to brand resonance and loyalty, and display advertisements are a great way to enhance all those metrics. With suitable online ads, you can help consumers walk the path to awareness and recall. You can even inspire them to take the following steps of consideration and conversion, helping strengthen brand loyalty for you. 

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