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SEO Hacks for Affiliate Marketing

Experts make affiliate marketing seem easy-breezy, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, you may even have seen online ads claiming that the newest affiliate expert can help you make millions in a couple of weeks.

However, these claims aren’t realistic in the slightest. Real experts of affiliate marketing will tell you that building a profitable strategy takes time.

But, don’t start worrying just yet because some tactics can speed up the process considerably. These SEO hacks make your affiliate site more attractive, helping you grow traffic and, in turn, make your marketing strong.

Let’s explore some of these SEO techniques:

Maximize The ROI On Your Content Through Proper Keyword Research

If you want to increase organic traffic to your site quickly, you will need to do proper keyword research. Research shows that affiliate sites that use an optimized keyword targeting strategy can get seven times the average number of conversions.

It usually entails making a content calendar that plans out what you will be writing about. This will help you make double the profit after your website has gained authority and keywords start to rank naturally.

Optimize SERP and Snippet Features

Ahrefs has estimated that Featured Snippets are present within 12.3 percent of search results. But, more importantly, over 8.6 percent of clicks on a search page are Featured Snippets, making this an optimal opportunity for you to scale your traffic.

To optimize your Featured Snippets and other SERP features, you can add FAQs and a “summary” paragraph to your content.

Featured Snippets account for 41.59 percent of searches that center around a question. So, if you are writing a 2000 word article whose primary focus is to answer one or two central questions, you should also include a summary of those answers towards the end.

Simply write the central question within an h2 or h3 and answer it in a paragraph. Research also shows that the average length of Featured Snippets is 46 words, so limit your paragraph to a maximum of 50 words. This will improve the chances of your page getting listed as a Featured Snippet.

FAQ sections can be leveraged in the same way.

Increase Your Website’s Loading Speed By 2x

A great mistake affiliate marketers make is ignoring the site speed. You can lose customers to slow websites as bounce rates are increased by 50 percent if a page takes two or more seconds to load.

Optimizing site speed is an ongoing process. Keeping that in mind, these are ways to increase your site speed ASAP, i.e., compressing image file sizes and setting up browser caching.

For users who do not use WordPress, use TinyPNG to compress the images on your website and re-upload them. Next, set up browser caching.

For those who do use WordPress, you can set up WP Rocket and TinyPNG by downloading them. However, do make sure to check your website’s functionality once you have set up new plugins, so you know whether they work on your website.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to hack the affiliate marketing system, you can increase your profits with minimal and more focused efforts. These tips are tried and tested and can easily be applied by all affiliate marketers.


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