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Tools: CPL, CPI, CPS - 1000+ Offers
Newbie Friendly:No
Forum: No
Payment Method: Wire, PayPal
Payment Frequency: Net-20
Minimum Payment: $1
Referral Commission: --
Tracking Software: In-house
Affiliate Manager: Arie Weissmann
Email: Email:
Website: Website

KiwiWall is an offerwall containing thousands of offers available from different advertisers across the globe. Created in May 2016, KiwiWall has aimed to make life easier for both publishers and advertisers, by simply integrating everything they need into one simple solution.

Publishers can run the wall on their site using a very simple code and advertisers can add as many offers as needed to the wall. Thus, a perfect solution is available for both sides.

KiwiWall takes care of the rest with a state of the art tracking and reporting system and a very easy to navigate platform as well.
The system KiwiWall is using is custom made, 100% unique.

Here in KiwiWall we are not using HasOffers or other 3rd party tools, we provide everything to you that was created 100% by ourselves so any changes or modifications required is always available to you.

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