How Different Web Design Prototypes Affect SEO


Attractive and eye-catching designs are always appealing to customers, and today we can see thousands of attractive websites in the Google index. But when deciding on the design for our website, there are a number of different feature needs to consider beyond pure aesthetics, that time you need to consider whether that pretty site is going to be intuitive to navigate, and then you need to ensure it is going to work across a number of devices.

But make sure the site is going to work with search engines and will be easy for Google’s robots to index. Sometimes flashy designs can be great to look, but it can be chances to affect on site ranking, Is it good for it? There are lots of trendy and lovely web designs (layouts) cropping up across the web. But the question is, how to do these flashy designs are change site’s SEO?

Have a look at some of the most popular and newest web design styles as well as how consider how they use for SEO for our site.

Parallax Design

Parallax Design means build your whole website onto a single page, with outstanding and different, especially merge with a fun background which makes our site with a unique structure, and also menus that jump down to certain points on the page. And these designs are particularly effective for a company homepage or a content page.

But how it is works for SEO?

As like in Flash and AJAX, parallax design also has unique challenges for SEO. A single page website makes it hard to optimize the site for a wide variety of search terms, because all content on one page and all target keywords must be covered on one page rather than extend over many, leading to keyword intensives. After that, there are simply fewer pages to rank, which can also be a disadvantage. But, rather than this really depends on the nature of the site. If it is a contest page, then need to rank for one or two you key phrases anyway, so this style might still be a good match.

Infinite Scrolls

You definitely like that site which has all content on one page, as well as loading quickly and the use of on a daily basisof most frequently uses in Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest. With infinite scroll users having more expectation and content is added to the stream at regular intervals. This concept is sounds like good for browsing quickly through a blog, but is it giving highest benefits of SEO?

Smart web designers are using different types of framework like Backbone or Bootstrap for infinite scroll, that uses crawl able AJAX to allow you to stay all useful information on a single page and waiting Google’s approval. But using these framework pages loading time going fast and that is more important for a site.


Now, HTML 5 becoming the web into perfect place that accepts rooted videos and animations that fast loading which are loved by users as well as search engine alike. Everyone knows that HTML5 is a good way to build sites, though, Elements such as the h1 tag, for instance, have slightly different interpretations in HTML5 as they do in HTML4, which will affect the way Google indexes them. The more time you spend learning, the better the end product will work. Attractive designs with perfect HTML coding gives site awesome look and there is no issue for SEO.


Nowadays, infographics are vast use then normal content, these days, for attractive and informative designs. Normally, they are eye-catchy, appealing and also readers apparently like them. But keep in mind infographics are just an image and it cannot crawl by search engine spiders. Make sure infographics with at least some text, and use ALT-tags and other indicators to help Google’s understand in image.