For Advertisers To Get Started With Pay Per Call (PPC) Marketing


Pay Per Call Marketing is similar to Pay Per Click recently begun to boom and the industry is growing rapidly. Below are the steps that advertisers can follow to take full benefits of the pay per call boom, while avoiding a few bumps in the road.

Figure out Your Conversion Rate:

Conversion Rate = Number of Sales / Number of Visits
To ascertain the value of a call an advertiser will need to review how many calls they obtain in order to make a sale or a conversion. Then determine how much one call is really worth. The next part of the conversion is to think about what a reasonable period for a conversion is. What duration of the call will determine that a call is a capable call for the advertiser. Determining a conversion rate and length of time will need the advertiser to make some logic and it’s not possible to know exactly what commission or time will work best. Testing is all part of the course of action.

Build Your Call Treatment:

Before callers reach the advertiser call center they should already be competent or not via the call treatment, also know as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR will make queries that the caller can answer with key presses. Only the most qualified callers should then be passed through to the call center. The IVR can then send callers to the correct number or call center, but in some cases the call ends with a pleasant message in order to best filter which callers make it to the call center agent.

Prepare Your Call Center:

Advertisers should direct calls to a section of their call center that is particularly prepared control these calls, because the behavior of the callers is quite different. Since advertisers will be paying based on the period of time of the call, the call center should be properly trained to identify not qualified callers and get them off the line before the call duration elapses. The call center will also must provide a unique phone number in order to identify the source of the calls coming in and in some situations we suggest several numbers for numerous traffic sources, for more intense statistical analysis.

Choose Marketing Types:

An advertiser needs to identify what type of marketing and advertising methods they will allow on their campaigns. Mobile search and display is a big platform for your pay per call traffic, so this promotion is a must, for sure. Advertisers will likely prefer to avoid incentive, coreg, and SMS to begin. Incentive and coreg traffic usually moves lower quality calls and SMS is undergoing some regulatory changes, so we suggest holding off for now. Many traditional methods can provide some great callers, but some publishers will like to promote the campaign via call center traffic.

Set Genuine Expectations:

Advertisers should have affordable expectations before starting out. When a new campaign goes live it takes time for publishers to evaluate and set up their campaign. Once an advertiser has received a fair amount of calls they should review the calls they received and determine what may need to change or be innovative about the campaign. It’s also suggested that advertisers set a budget for their campaign, budgets can be set up for calls or dollar amounts and for daily, weekly or monthly time periods.