Essential Pay Per Call (CPC) Tips For Affiliates


Pay Per Call (PPC) is similar to the Pay Per Click has a bit of a studying curve and can be overwhelming to newcomers. An even experienced person can frequently benefit from a bit of a refresher on the basics. No matter if you’re new to Pay Per Call or know the medium inside and out, the following ground rules and best practices should serve you perfectly.

Focus on Categories, rather than Companies

In the commercial world, “the trend is your friend” is a common concept. The basic idea is that particular sector of the market more or less uniformly go up or down regardless of a few outliers. While you’ll see standouts in any business, your best option is to keep with what’s hot right now. Evaluate the industries that happen to be thriving at the moment and focus your Pay Per Call marketing initiatives in that direction.

Concentrate on Services Instead of Goods

The affiliate market for powerboats, BMWs and granite counter tops isn’t really that strong. When you can make good money promoting the right high-margin products under the right circumstances, the real money is in services. By joining service firms with customers on expensive jobs, you are in a position to make far more in the long run. There’s a king’s ransom to be made in the services sector if you can become comfortable with mobile marketing.

Make Longer Call Times a Priority

In this world, call length is extremely important. For one thing, it’ll generally determine whether you receive a payout or not. The next thing is, call length is a quite reliable signal of potential lead conversion success. As a result, call length is one of the most important metrics to thoroughly examine when improving a campaign. If you’re finding it tough to extend call times, it’s a sign that a campaign or promotion doesn’t fit for Pay Per Call methods.

Shoot for the Middle of the Bid Curve

Many marketers want to throw money at the problem of optimizing ads for highest possible effect. It takes a large amount of cash to take control of top spots for competitive keywords and you’re often better off being more traditional when it comes to your bids. If you’re not seeing the profits you’d like, try reducing your bids and spend your time and money improving other elements of your campaigns.

Don’t Ditch Campaigns With Low Conversion Rates

If you’re an actual affiliate, you can make money online with any campaign no matter how challenging. Campaigns that feature lower conversion rate can actually be quite lucrative thanks to lower competition. As a result, said promotions can definitely deliver more reliable earnings than promotions with higher affiliate payouts. In short, don’t rely on conversion rates alone when deciding whether or not you should stick with a promotion.

Creating a Strong Base

Working out the kinks in any campaign is less complicated if you’ve built that campaign on the basis of sound Pay Per Call best practices. It certainly not affects to enhance your marketing knowledge base. Frequently, you’ll discover yourself picking up a new technique or remembering something you’ve forgotten. As Pay Per Call is the future of e-commerce marketing in the mobile sphere, you can’t ever be too prepared.