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Tools: Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Click (CPC)
Newbie Friendly:No
Forum: No
Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, PayPal, ACH (Direct Deposit), Check
Payment Frequency: Weekly, Be-Weekly, Net-30, Net-15, Net-7
Minimum Payment: $500
Referral Commission: 2%
Tracking Software: ---
Affiliate Manager: Andrew
Email: Email:
Website: Website

ClickDealer Network Description
ClickDealer network is a leading global performance-based Internet Marketing company specializing in Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost per lead (CPL), CPC, CPI, CPS) campaigns dedicated to optimizing revenue generation.
They offer search, display, e-mail, and mobile solutions to help you achieve your ROI objectives and effectively grow your business.

2 comment(s) on “ClickDealer

  • I was with Clickdealer several months and made good money. They offer great rates which are higher than anywhere else.

  • Hi guys! Be careful! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ! I have tried Smartlink for a few days, conversions are OK. But I have not received any payment, and the support is terrible! My AM Skype ID is invalid, and contacting other team members only gets seen on messages, not receiving any response!
    I created this post in the hope that others will beware of this network.

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