Choices with the affiliate marketers to move on

Choices with the affiliate marketers to move on

A beginner can make 7 figures profit within some of the years. They have huge experience, skills, and money for doing something bigger than just affiliate marketing.

Some of the reasons of Why would an affiliate who is making plenty of money is ready to move to something else?

  1. Multiplicity – Affiliate marketing is excellent, but there are always upwards and downwards. We are getting old day by day. We are having families, we cannot rely just on promotions for money.
  2. To face challenges – In the time between newbie to becoming a super affiliate There’s a higher learning and progress rate. Once you accomplish a certain level, the learning rate decreases. Some people are simply motivated by new challenges. There are some people who enjoy pushing their self to see what’s possible.
  3. The feeling of boredom – when any work become routine and after doing this for years, one can get boring. Once you figure out the “formula” it just becomes starting, improving, and scaling and repeat the same.
  4. Enthusiasm – Some affiliates used affiliate marketing only as a way to make money. When they have both the money and experience, they are free to do whatever they want. There is always demand for people who are expert in selling, and who know how to generate traffic. Make money and development of your skills will open doors of opportunities.

So following are some of the ways where you can move on.

Trainer of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers can make a plenty of money with having a freedom. There is a lot of the audience who want such a lifestyle and will ready to pay excellent money to learn how to achieve it.

Some of the ways for making money from such training: Workshops, e books, teaching, consulting. Private forums can be quite rewarding as well.

Teacher in the subject of internet marketing gets a good reputation also. I think there’s a huge market for genuine training, without the false promises and exaggerations.

Launch your own affiliate Network

A few years ago, HasOffers was introduced and it diminished the barriers of entry to start an affiliate network. Overnight so many people decided to start their own networks.

Most of them were failed reason of it was that it looks easy from the outside: get some offers, get your friends to run it, take your 20% cut, sit back & relax. Some of the affiliate networks are doing very well business online.

The obstacles: Advertisers not paying out, attracting and retaining affiliates, being competitive with larger and more recognized affiliate networks, dealing with legal issues, hanging a large amount of cash, etc.

There are some success stories of course. Whether an affiliate started network can be successful will be depends on the person who controlling it.

Start a Traffic Source

Who knows more about traffic than affiliates?

Your blog is one your best bet of free targeted traffic. Social Networks are also excellent for word of mouth.Joining a network of bloggers are also very useful to get more traffic.

Begin a Service for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates will develop tools for themselves and sometimes see that there’s a market for it. Even if the affiliate community is small, they have strong acquiring power.

A few tools started by affiliates includes tracking software, spy tools, and cloaking software.

Emphasis on the backend Services

What occurs in your lead after it converts?

There’s a whole world behind the scenes to make the final work.

Some of such backend services may include afterCall centers, merchant processing, data monetizing, fulfillment, fraud detection, etc.

Turn out to be an Advertiser

So many super affiliates choose this path.

There are two main types of advertisers. The first is the standard type where they create offers, and distribute them to affiliates via networks or directly.

The other is who create their own offers, and they focus on promoting it internally. When you’re the advertiser and you know how to generate traffic, you cut out the affiliate network’s and the affiliate’s cut. Turn out as the best advertising network.

Do something entirely different from affiliate marketing

There are so many affiliates who are talented and could make money, but used their money as a way to finance their passions like starting a gym, develop iPhone games or applications etc.

The advantage of being an affiliate turned advertiser is you know how to divide test and increase the conversion rates.