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The Ultimate Guide To TikTok Advertising

TikTok has caught on over the last couple of years with a reported 1.1 billion monthly active users as of February of 2021. This is a significant increase from 680 million active users per month reported in November of 2018.

The numbers make it the perfect avenue for advertisers to find targeted audiences and engage them.

Research states that 48% of adults in the US between the ages of 18 to 29 are TikTok users. So if your target audience is in that age range or younger, TikTok is the perfect social media platform for you. However, since it is relatively new, entrepreneurs and marketers may find it challenging to navigate it and effectively market their cause.

This article is meant to help you better understand what TikTok advertising entails, how to create ads, and their types. So let’s get to it.

Advertising On TikTok

Depending on which types of ads you want to run, you will have to either use the self-service platform TikTok offers or speak to an ad manager for TikTok. Here are the types of ads you can post and the process to create an in-feed video ad of your own.

Create An Ad Account

To start launching ads, you will have to first create an account

  1. On the TikTok For Business page, click on Get Started. Then, you can enter which region you are from, type of business, and then click Next.
  2. Then, note down the details they ask for and click the Sign Up option.

Your advertising account is now all set up.

Setup A Campaign

To post an ad on TikTok, you first have to create a campaign and then an ad group that will finally allow you to post your ad. To create a campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Campaign tab located at the top of the Ads Manager page, and click on Create
  2. Then, you will have to pick your marketing objective, which is based on your marketing goals.

Your campaign is now ready. You will automatically be redirected to the ad group page.

Choose An Ad Group

Here is how you make an ad group:

  1. Choose from different ad placement options. It is recommended to choose auto-placement if it is your first ad.
  2. Choose the type of promotion, URL, display name, profile picture, and engagement methods.
  3. Select the audience you would like to target based on interests and demographics.
  4. Choose a budget, which ranges from daily to lifetime.
  5. Set up a bidding plan.
  6. Then click next so you can get to the ad creation part.

Build Your Ad

Here is how you create an ad on TikTok:

  1. Upload your video or picture ad.
  2. Write down the ad text and CTA.
  3. Then, click Submit. TikTok will now review your campaign.

TikTok approves an ad depending on if it meets its guidelines.

Types Of Ads

There are several ads to choose from:

TopView Ads

These are full-screen ad displays with a limit of 60 seconds. They do not start when the app starts up, as they are on delayed plays.

In-feed Video Ads

These ads are short-form videos appearing in the news feed of a user’s For You page. They are an option for self-advertising customers, and the videos blend in with the feed, making them look natural.

Branded Effects

You can add these branding effects to your videos to make them more interesting and lively. They consist of lenses, custom stickers, and AR stickers, and you can create custom ones for your audiences to use and share. However, every new effect is only available for a total of ten days.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Brands create unique hashtags and ask TikTok users to post a video of them doing something specific and then use the said hashtag while posting it. These will show up on the Discovery page so that visitors can click the hashtag to see all the videos of that challenge.

Brand Takeover

A brand takeover is a full-screen video ad ranging from three to five seconds, showing up when a user opens their app. This ad will also be displayed in the For You feed. You can add a website link or clickable hashtag to the post as well.

And that’s your quick guide to making TikTok ads that engage and delight young audiences. Of course, it will take a bit of practice, but advertising on this platform is not as complicated as it looks. Just follow the steps detailed above to create a functional ad account, and then let your creativity be your guide.