Make Your Website Stand Out For CPA Networks


One of the most regularly asked questions about CPA is “Do I need a website in order to get admitted to a network?”. It is a fair question too, as some of the offers run by CPA advertisers do not actually need to be marketed through a website specifically. There are special offers that will work equally well through social networking.

Some CPA networks will accept you without a website, and if you are filled with dread at the prospect of setting up a website for some reason, then you can concentrate on working through them. However if the query is “Do I need a website in order to create real progress?” the answer is “Yes.

There can be no doubt that CPA networks look much more positive for applicants who have a website to link to. This is a fact. In fact, many networks have a strict rule preventing people from signing up to the network if they do not have a website.

The best affiliate networks stipulate that you need to have a website, and will check that website to see if it is up to the quality they have come to expect from applicants. Therefore it cannot be a holding page, it should not be a social networking profile, and it should have original content and some concept of design to it.