Make Your Affiliate Application Perfect, Get Accepted Instantly


It is one of the mantras you will listen repeated time and again by users of CPA and other online marketers – getting accepted by a CPA network is completely the key to everything else that you will perform as a CPA marketer. As long as you can get accepted (and it is not an immediate thing, you may need to prove yourself), then the rest of it will get noticeably more comfortable. So it makes sense to make the application process a major part of your strategy to make money online through CPA. Consider what you can put in your application that will make you an attractive prospect.

When completing an application for a CPA network, you need to keep in mind that the people reading the application are reading many others each day – hence they don’t have time to read War And Peace. You need to decide which information is relevant and which is super-relevant. The most relevant information will be things that set you apart, make you more of a bankable prospect than someone who has just heard that a CPA can be profitable and has decided to find out what it’s about. You need to show you know what it is about and that you will be able to make it all work.

Don’t be shy about selling yourself as a good prospect. If you have done online internet marketing before with considerable success then there is a great deal of reason to include some facts about what you did and how. If you have a website, make sure to include a link and draw attention to the benefits of the site. You cannot oversell yourself on an application for a CPA network. You will have a limited amount of words, so make sure as many of them are high quality as possible.