Google Issue Subtle Warning To Affiliates That Have Thin Content


There was one update about “Thin content” for the affiliate, the update was about “avoid thin content for better Google ranking”.

Google issue subtle warning to affiliates that have thin content. According to reports affiliates that make thin content and have little to no value add on their site may be penalized for going against google’s guidelines.

Site owners must be attentive about their Google webmaster Tools account that about thin content with little or no added value, site owners must be modified that before the site will have much success in Google’s search results.

Before anything is done, we have to know about “Thin Content”

Generally this refers to non-original content found on the website. For example, something product descriptions that are taken from a feed that can be found on many other sites, or can simply be a page that has a little content on it other than things like the navigation, such as doorway pages.

This warning was more direct and more effect to affiliate sites, especially in the “adult” space, saying this has become more of an issue recently in that space. So, from the reports, they have seen this behavior on many video sites, particularly in the adult industry, but not elsewhere.

How do you know if your site is at risk?

Google gives reviews it up very clearly:

If your site describes that content which are available elsewhere in google, that time a good question to ask is “does your site give important added benefits that would make a user want to visit you again and again in your site rather than the original source of the content? If the answer is “Yes”, so it is good for your site, but if the answer is “No”, the site may irritate searchers and violate our quality guidelines.

And in the last, google’s Matt Cutts expect about this update, that the adult affiliate industry will seem some sort of widespread penalty pushed out in the next week. As we know that Google likes to break the spirits of search spammers.