Facebook Marketing Vs Twitter Marketing


Facebook has millions of users and that means there are so many potential customers but it’s not often the market leader you’d be expecting it to be given its level of popularity. Now a days for any company social media marketing is very essential. Twitters engagement rate is more than Facebook. Reason may be that twitters ads are appearing in the flow. As per my opinion twitters ads downside is its cost, compared to Facebook ads. Some businesses are using Facebook while some are using twitter but a combination of both social media is the best way of marketing our business. But twitter still requires a lot of work compared to Facebook in the ad market.

To compare social media following four measurements can be used.

  • Network Reach – Which Network reach of the biggest audience?
  • Ad Performance – Do Facebook and Twitter ads generate real results?
  • Ad Formats – Who provides the most different and effective ad types?
  • Mobile Ad Performance – Which network owns the more mobile space?

Let’s glimpse in the data more details. Networks reach of Facebook vs. Twitter On the basis of analysis Facebook has A+ grade in which 1.15 billion users are sharing 4.75 billion different items on a daily basis. Twitter has good reach, but not as large, as with 232 million users posting 500 million tweets in a day.

Ad Performance on Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of advertising on Facebook or twitter or both, you need to study the following chart in which there is comparison of Facebook with its biggest (little) competitor twitter. Comparison of Facebook and Twitter for marketing purpose is like a comparison of apple and coconut. But anyway following is the graph of comparison of Facebook and Twitter.

Ad Formats In order to simplify the system Facebook has cut its ad format, now following are included in Facebook’s ad format:

  • App ads
  • Offer ads
  • Domain ads
  • Page-like ads
  • Mobile app ads
  • Page post text ads
  • Sponsored stories
  • Page post link ads
  • Page post video ads
  • Page post photo ads

Against Facebook’s ads system ad system of Twitter is simpler as below:

  • Promoted trends
  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts

Facebook marketing Vs Twitter marketing

It is possible that twitter will include more ad system in future. As per history twitter releases new features slowly, say a Google. Mobile Ad Performance Somehow twitter has more advantage here. On any mobile which has larger display or smaller display, it’s even more essential for ads to be well-designed and feel natural. Twitter is in a better position to dominate on mobile as Twitter ads display in the timeline rather than off to the side. On the other hand, a Facebook ad doesn’t even exist on the Facebook mobile app. And that’s why, Facebook is failing its mobile advertisers.

All Twitter ads display on both desktops as well as on mobile. Against it, Facebook only has one natural ad format in the Facebook app, the App Promotion Ad.


Any one twitter or Facebook has not a great option for direct lead generation (direct response marketing) or to get traffic to website of the advertisers. These social websites are much better for big brand marketing and engaging with your fans by content marketing. The fact is that, on the paid ads side both social networking sites have a lot of work to do.