Build Relationship through Affiliate E-mail Marketing

Affiliate marketing methods include organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), e-mail marketing, content marketing and in some sense display advertising.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Email Marketing is a relatively new channel in digital marketing. Affiliate Email Marketing is a form of affiliate marketing that is relayed specifically by email. Affiliate marketing promotes an affiliate partner`s product or service. It often helps if an affiliate campaign specifically includes clear incentives (such as discounts and other promos) for prospects to subscribe to or buy through this affiliate advertiser.

Marketers across all channels struggling with two major factors: creativity and a customer-focused approach. The best, most fruitful business relationships are always two-way. That’s why the best salespeople are those who listen more than they talk. Think about how you’re interacting with your affiliates. Are you simply sending them emails with updates and news tidbits, maybe some rewards, or are you using an array of communication tools that provide real value, and genuinely help them grow their business, so you both can succeed together?

E-mail is actually one of the best ways for Performance Marketing Managers to communicate with affiliates/publishers.

Confirm with analytics:

It’s obviously important to analyze data about your email marketing campaign such as open rates, clicks, and unsubscribe rates.

Review and evaluate content:

Email newsletter does not create themselves. Curating the material from our weblog posts. Taking a deep look at what has and what hasn’t worked in your email newsletters, to determine what type of content works best for your newsletter. While you may not necessarily need to change your blog content strategy, you may need to change the lead stories in your newsletter and then compare open and/or click rates to see what worked best.

Adjust material for results:

Every e-mail viewer is different. In light of this, it’s important to curate or create content that your readers can identify with. A great way to do this is to feature outstanding affiliates/customers as a guest email columnist, by having them share their own how-to tips and case studies.

Evaluation your rewards:

The reward is a great motivating tool for affiliates in this investing world. Great tactic for improving relationships with affiliates/publishers is to announce rewards for your publishers via your email newsletter.

Experimenting with timing:

Believe in time testing as the best possible way to test the success of an email newsletter. Experimenting with timing can be an effective method to find a more optimal time for delivery.

If you are a Performance Marketing Manager looking to leverage email newsletters to stay in touch with affiliates/publishers, these seven tips should help you build a solid relationship with your affiliates/publishers.